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Favorite Tackle of Orleans County

Trolling the Lake for Trophy Salmon & Trout:

  • Dodger/Squid
  • Spin Doctor/Fly
  • Assorted Plugs: Rapala, Bomber, Rebel
  • Cut Bait
  • Spoon Patterns: Watermelon, Spook, Glow Frog, Dolphin

Spinfishing the Tribs for Salmon & Trout:

  • Artificial Eggs
  • Egg Sacks
  • Floating Jig with Mister Twister
  • Woolly Buggers (various colors)
  • Jig & Float

Flyfishing the Tribs:

  • Baby Rainbow-Steelhead
  • Frammus-Steelhead
  • Hares Ear Nymphs-Browns
  • Marks Carpetfly-Browns & Steelhead
  • Nuclear Roe Bugs-Brown

Note: For best results in the tributaries, be sure to drift lures & flies near the bottom. If you don’t drift them naturally, you won’t hook up!

Visit any one of the following bait and tackle shops and they will “hook you up!

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