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Fishing Videos

Fish Orleans County (2023)

This 30 second commercial features Orleans County Fishing and voiced by Brian Kirby, Evoba Films.

More Water = More Fish (Year #4) - 2023

Description of Fall Fishing Program, remarks by local tourism and New York State Canal Corporation representatives, learn how it was developed and its benefits. Courtesy of NYS Canal Corporation

Great Places, Great Fishing Made Possible by the Erie Canal - 2023

A fast-paced montage of Fall Fishing experiences, anglers and natural, colorful autumn settings in Western New York. Courtesy of NYS Canal Corporation.

Worth the Trip - 2023

Showcases the location of Fall Fishing in Western New York and the world-class fishing opportunities available to international sport anglers through extension of fishing season made possible by water releases from the Erie Canal in the region. Courtesy of NYS Canal Corporation.

Bring the Family - 2023

Fall Fishing is the perfect family activity as the increase of water releases from the Erie Canal in Western NY tributaries brings more fishing opportunities for young, old, experienced and rookie anglers. Courtesy of NYS Canal Corporation.

On the Water Media, April 2021 (filmed Oct. 2020):

Lake Ontario-Experience Fishing One of North America's Largest Lakes!

Oak Orchard River Flyfishing featured on Vermont PBS' Outdoor Journal, aired Feb. 2016:

Point Breeze wins the title of the World Fishing Network's Ultimate Fishing Town in 2013:

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