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Medina Sandstone

Medina Sandstone, which was first quarried in Medina in 1837 by John Ryan, has had a tremendous impact, not only locally but worldwide.

Medina Sandstone is of excellent quality and durability. It was quarried in four colors: gray or white, red, pink and variegated. Its color is rich and does not fade. It does not absorb dampness. Frost does not affect it, nor do changes in climate. It was originally used for paving bricks for streets and curbing. It's grit and therefore, its security of foothold make Medina Sandstone the most desirable of materials. It is also fireproof!

Medina Sandstone is characterized by its extreme hardness and is regarded as an outstanding building material. It can be hewed and split and will not crack. It can be used in a variety of uses and for architectural purposes.

Because of these qualities, Medina Sandstone has achieved worldwide usage and recognition. Large cities, such as Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland had a huge demand for this most useful project. Medina Sandstone has even been used in the streets of Havana, Cuba and Buckingham Palace in London, England.

In 2004, a group of citizens led by Robert E. Waters, formed the Medina Sandstone Society. Its purpose was to acknowledge and to keep in the public's view the beautiful stone named Medina Sandstone...the Everlasting Stone. The Sandstone Society has also established a community endowment program which like the stone, will be everlasting in the community of Medina.

In 2013, the Sandstone Society established the Medina Sandstone Hall of Fame. Its purpose was to showcase the very finest examples of the usage of this most beautiful stone. Each year the society inducts a number of nominated buildings from all over the state and beyond, made of the famous stone. The Hall of Fame is located in the old City Hall on Main Street here in Medina.

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