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The Evolution of Medina

1806-1807 Samuel Grear – Built a Mill at the Waterfalls
1811 First Log cabin built (around where Knights of Columbus is now)
1823-24 Ebenezer Mix lays out the Village of Medina
1832 The Village of Medina is Incorporated
1834 The White Hotel is established by Botsford Fairman
1837 John Ryan opened the first Sandstone Quarry
1849 The Boxwood Cemetery first burial. (1850 Actual Establishment)
1849 Frederick Douglas spoke at the Methodist Episcopal Church (where Main Street Appliance is now)
1850 Medina Academy was built.
1850 Anthony’s Foundry was built on the east side of Orient Street
1852 The Railroad connected Niagara Falls to Rochester through the Village
1854 The underground railroad had a stop safe house in Medina.
1855 William Hedley built his historic home at 1024 West Avenue which is still standing as stately today.
1865 Bent’s Opera House Completed and Opened
1869 Frederick Douglas delivered an address stating “We are not quite free.”
1889 Telephone lines established between Albion and Medina
1889 First Electricity put in the Village of Medina
1893 Indoor plumbing became available.
1898 HJ Heinz Company came into Medina.
1902 The Armory on Pearl Street was completed made of Medina Sandstone
1902 Thomas B. Robbins had the first automobile in the Village of Medina
1904 The first hospital (named Mary Louise Hospital) was started by Myra Coon
1908 Electric Trolley running from Buffalo to Brockport to Rochester started.
1910 S.A. Cook building praised as Modern Office Building
1915 First Village Park established – Gwinn Street Park
1920 Babe Ruth played baseball in Medina
1922-23 The Ensign School and the Medina High School (on Catherine Street) were built,
Designed by Architect, Harold Hitner (Cost for both was $430,000)
1928 Medina’s First Public Library
1941 Fire at Lumber Company (305 East Center Street) the buildings destroyed and
damaged were ones of the oldest landmarks in Medina dating back to before the Civil War.
1946 A hot dog stand was built becoming the famous Apple Grove Inn (today the Methodist Church)
1948 Ball Park renamed – Veteran’s Memorial Park
1953 School Centralization took place. 100 students graduated in the first central school
1954 Oak Orchard Elementary School was built, being the largest elementary school in the State.
1956 Wise Middle School was built.
1959 Shelridge Country Club was formed
1960 Medina joined the Niagara Water Authority
1965 A modern sewage plant was built
1967 New Lee Whedon Library was built.
1969 Bernzomatic manufacturing plant comes to Medina
1970 Fisher Price Manufacturing came to Medina employing 1700 people at peak operating times.
1971 Historical Society of Medina was formed.
1979 Village Park renamed in honor of Lt. John E. Butts Memorial Park
1980 YMCA established at the Armory.
1982 Cable TV comes to Medina.
1991 New High School opened on Mustang Drive
2004 Medina Sandstone Society Established
2021 Remodeled Bent’s Opera House and Harvest Restaurant opened.
2023 Medina Receives grant for Canal Revitalization
Medina is recipient of $4.5 Million Forward NY Grant

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