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Celestial Luncheon at Hurd Orchards

Event has ended
Sponsor: Hurd Orchards

Hurd Orchards

17260 Ridge Rd.
Holley, NY 14470

Enjoy our whimsical and delicious Celestial Luncheon filled with creative recipes from 'Herbs of the Winter Sun Quiche' to ' The Sun and The Moon Fruit Tarts', to a selection of 'Deep Dark Eclipse Cookies'.

Included is our complimentary 'Farming the Sun' reflection given by our Hurd Orchard's horticulturalists. This will tell the fascinating story of the sun's vital importance in the production of food from the earth, and the inner workings of orchards. From bud set to day length to blush - horticultural sun- gathering practices from Medieval to modern day.

All luncheon reservations include complimentary eclipse viewing space from our orchard, meadow and barn. The sky is yours!

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