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INWR Full Moon Luminary Walk

Event has ended

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

1101 Casey Rd
Basom, NY

Embark on a magical self-guided Full Moon Luminary Walk, where nature and lunar glow unite for an enchanting nocturnal adventure. As the moon casts its silvery light, participants will traverse a carefully illuminated trail adorned with glowing luminaries, creating an ethereal pathway through the wilderness. Guided by the moon's brilliance, hikers will experience the serene beauty of the nighttime landscape and listen to the subtle sounds of the nocturnal world. This immersive journey combines the tranquility of moonlit surroundings with the thrill of an evening hike, offering a unique and serene way to connect with nature under the captivating radiance of the full moon. The visitor center will be open, hot beverages provided, and restrooms will be available!

Date and Time: Friday and Saturday, February 23rd and 24th, 6pm-8:30pm each night.
Location: 1101 Casey Road, Basom, NY 14013 

Registration is required:
Activity and Accessibility: Medium, active. Will involve walking the headquarters trail in low lighting. Restrooms and water fountains are located in the visitor center.
What to Bring: This program is held entirely self-guided and outdoors, dress for the weather! 

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