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Orleans County Tourism secured this 60' x 16' billboard for a 2 year agreement with Outfront Media on the NYS Thruway, just east of the Batavia exit (#48), northside. It's situated parallel to the Thruway so it's visible from both directions. The imagery will change every 6 months to promote the upcoming fishing season. The project is funded through the American Rescue Plans Act which designated a portion of federal dollars to be used to promote tourism. Thank you, Lindsay Agness for providing us with her image and Mike Waterhouse for his drone picture of the Oak.

We will be searching for a high quality (resolution) photograph in a few months to promote lake fishing in Orleans County. Please consider submitting one of your images to be featured on the Winter 2022 billboard. We are looking for a photo that was taken in Orleans County waters featuring an "impressive" catch, smiling faces, blue skies and with an icon such as the Oak Orchard Lighthouse in the background. If your image isn't chosen for the billboard, we will consider using it in the 2022 OC Fishing Guide.

The Tourism Dept has also been busy redesigning an Orleans County Fishing Map Pad (11×17) that will be distributed throughout the county. It includes a county map with the designated public fishing access points and boat ramps, tackle & bait shops, marinas and popular fish species of Orleans County. To obtain a map pad or copy of a map, contact us.

Congratulations to the winner of the 2021 Summer LOC Derby's grand prize of $10,000, Michael Paddock from Albion who held the lead since July 13th with his 31 lb 7 oz salmon he caught aboard Aquarius. The Line/Lure used was Copper line, Pro Troll and Meat. The winner of the Salmon Division was just 1 oz less and caught by Aiden Stafford of Rochester on U Betcha. Aiden also won the Youth Division with that salmon. To view the final results, visit the LOC Derby website.

Capt. Bob Songin’s Video Report, 7/26/21

Capt. Bob Songin of Reel Excitement Charters reports that fishing is still tough and sporadic. Best spoon on the riggers: DW Gold Laser Spoon. Divers: Seneca Special with the Atomic big fin glow behind it (a standard he runs this time of year). Spin Doctor, Chrome, Crush UV, 2 face with an Atomic purple mirage behind it. 400 Coppers, Divers out 220-240, Riggers down 80-90-100. Fished the 26-27 line, a little west but not far. Inside water has been sporadic. At 100', temps were 50° (fairly warm to start) and 42° at the end of the day. But the fish like stability and not surprises. The recent changing winds, lightning and storms are not good for fishing but things did become more stable.

This week's fishing report is from Capt. Bob Songin's video from Reel Excitement Charters, July 20, 2021.

Fishing is scattered. A lot of big fish are being caught. Catches are 4-8 or 9 fish but not filling up the box. Some on meat, some on flies. We're seeing fish that don't want to bite (Steelhead). There's a lot of run-off from the recent rain from the creeks with a lot of grass and weeds in the 150 range. There's a lot of fish in there, but you'll spend time cleaning your rigs, lines, divers and coppers. There's fish at the 26-27 line, some mixed classes of salmon (big). Caught some at 300 and 200-220. No specific bait that's working. Had a fish on meat, fly set ups, spoon bites (smaller fish). Temperature is good: 50-80 down on the riggers, divers out 180-200, 400 coppers.

LOC Summer Derby: There's only a few days left of the Summer LOC Derby (ending July 25). The current leader is still Mike Paddock from Albion with a Salmon weighing in at 31 lb 07 oz. (7/13/21) See the current standings at the LOC Derby website.

This week's Picture of the Week is from JDs Custom Charters:

This week's fishing report is from Rick Hajecki and Crazy Yankee Sportfishing, July 11, 2021.

Tom and his crew from Pennsylvania joined us Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Boy did they hit it just right! This will go down as a trip of a lifetime for them as well as for us. We hooked a lot of fish both days. Saturday's afternoon trip was one of the best we've seen. It was so good we turned two doubles on the same rod, and caught a Coho on a meat rig that was dragging on the surface in the prop wash. The highlight though, was landing everyone's personal best Salmon weighing in at 34.67 lbs.

Saturday afternoon we fished 150-200' in water a few miles west of Port. Our Cannon Downriggers parked at 30 & 40' with spoons back 30' were our hottest setups. Geezer and Frost Bite were the best spoons. The beast was part of a triple. First fish took a deep meat rig. When that fish hit the deck, big boy hit the 200' diver and headed for Niagara county. Minutes later the 150' A-TOM-MIK copper took a ride. We landed both and the high fives were endless.

Sunday morning started out like gang busters. Same set up as the night before. Our best spoons were Geezer, UV Watermelon, Midnight Special, Wonderbread, and 42nd. Most action came on our Cannon Downriggers fished 30-50' down with sliders. Divers fired from 90-115' out on 2.5 settings. 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore and A-TOM-MIK coppers in 150' & 200' took fish.

The current leader (7/13/21) in the Summer LOC Derby is Mike Paddock from Albion with a Salmon weighing in at 31.07 lb. See the current standings at

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