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This week's fishing report was provided by Capt. Bob Songin of Reel Excitement Charters.

"This weekend, we had some pretty good fishing despite getting beat up by the rough seas. Sunday, we caught a decent variety: a couple of big salmon, 2 year olds, matures, a steelhead and couple of cohoes. Monday was much better with a slight breeze on the lake. Started in fairly shallow 80-120FOW and got some nice kings first thing in the morning but things slowed. So, we moved out to 250-300 FOW and things got better. We went past 300' but found the 250-300 was better. Rigger: 65-95 down. Divers: 220-240, 400 coppers. We found meat was the best bait. Our best set up was a 10" white double crush glow Spindoctor with A-TOM-MIK glow warship twinkie head. (Highly recommended!) Spoons used were Gold 42 during overcast and Silver 42 when the sun was out." Visit Capt Songin's Facebook page for more videos he posts throughout the week.

This week's fishing report was provided by Capt. Lou Borrelli of Get the Net Charters from this past Father's Day weekend:

This was a "Fathers Day" fishing weekend out of Bald Eagle Marina. On Saturday we had a father and his 2 sons (pictured right) ready for some bonding and good fishing. The expectations were high as the last trip out we had a good number of silver fish. Kings and cohos have been hanging around in 110-160 FOW between the farm and the glass house. We left the dock at 6:00 and struggled to get our first bites. Trolling in a west direction was tough as the current was making it difficult. Working 100-200 fow, It took us a while to get bit, but our first fish was a 17 lb king. Then from there it was a slow but steady pick. After a few hours the bite slowed so we decided to go to "Laker land". As we started getting into 90-100 we noticed a ton of bait and big fish on the bottom. We dropped our port rigger down and within 5 minutes we hooked up on a 18 lb king. We ended the day with a few silver fish and a bunch of lake trout. It was all spoon and meat bite Saturday. We did not take one fish on flasher/fly.

Sunday was a special day. We had the pleasure of taking out an 81 year old father with his daughter (pictured left). She bought him the trip to repay him for taking her fishing when she was young. Neither of them had ever been on Lake Ontario. The lake conditions could not have been better, we just needed to get them on some fish. We started the morning in the same water we had been fishing. Within a few minutes, an 8 lb steelhead hit and Bill was on his first Lake Ontario fish. Then the hit and misses kept on coming. We had our bites but we could not get them to stick. It was getting a bit frustrating so since it was a short trip we worked our way back to the nose and started fishing for lake trout. Knowing there were kings laying on the bottom, we left our divers out with meat. Within moments, our first lake trout was on and while Wendy was fighting her fish, our 300 diver gets smashed and Bill was fighting his first ever salmon. Both father and daughter were smiling away as they were side by side working the fish to the boat. We finished the day with a few more fish and a memory to last forever. Like Saturday, our bites were on spoons and meat. Warrior Spoons "Little Blue Pill" and "Double Trouble" were our MVP's while GRC Trolling Flies "Bull Bells" did most of the damage on the Lake Trout. These unique "bells" seem to really trigger the Lakers.

This week's Lake fishing report is from Capt. Jeremy Sage from JD's Custom Charters, June 14th:

"Left the dock yesterday with Deon and his friends (pictured) for a half day trip. After the NE Winds we had, I wasn't sure what to expect out of the fishing. There weren't many reports to go off of either but scoped out the inside waters first and everything looked good except the weeds and cottonwood in there clogging up the lines. After an hour or so in there I pointed it north to cover some water. I believe our first bite came out in 260 FOW and had a good bite on cohos and steelhead- losing a few and netting a few. Highlight was a big king that ripped the center 35 ft rigger with a steelhead that hit a free slider at the same time. After 15 minutes the fight changed dramatically and we landed just the steelhead. Cleaned up the coho and steelhead around noon – just about to pull the last few rods and the center rigger at 30 ft takes off! Bonus fish! After a nice fight we netted a feisty mid teens king. Beautiful end to the day. Warrior lures have been studs lately will post up some mvps this weekend. High fast spoon game with free sliders for the win as of late."

• Warrior Lures Sport Fishing Products • Traxstech Corporation • McCoy Fishing Line • Torpedo Divers • A-Tom-Mik Mfg.

Congratulations to the leaders in the 1st leg of the King of the Oak Series – the Condor Memorial – as well as the winning teams from the feature tournament – the Orleans County Open 2021 held this past weekend. Team Screamer (pictured below) won the PRO division with a score of 447.19 and Team Roll With It won the Amateur division with 257.77 points (also pictured below). The Orleans County Open (formerly known as the Oak Orchard Open) is a combined Salmon and Trout team event to showcase Lake Ontario's tournament teams and recreational anglers. See you all next year!

The Pic of the Week was taken just this morning, June 8, 2021 from Mike Grager, Get Hooked Sportfishing. "First timers from Texas, Shawn and Heather had a good morning on Lake Ontario today!" The steelhead and coho salmon were both caught on spoons straight out from the Oak Orchard River. The temps are returning to seasonably after a few days of a heatwave along with high winds.

Capt. Rick Hajecki from Crazy Yankee Sportfishing reminds boaters to "Not be a fool in the fog" and use your radar as they almost had an incident last week while fishing. And, a big shout-out and congratulations to Crazy Yankee for winning this past weekend's 2021 Niagara Pro Am!

This weekend is the Orleans County Open Tournament (June 12-13) with the King of the Oak (KOTO) on Friday (6/11). Registration is only open for KOTO at Ernst's Lake Breeze Marina. (Deadline for the Open was Monday, 6/7). All weigh-ins will be at the Black North Inn by 3 PM. See more info on their Facebook page. Good luck, guys!

This week, I'm featuring Capt. Bob Songin from Reel Excitement Charters. Capt. Bob features a weekly (and sometimes more frequent) video on his Facebook page to share his fishing report. In his latest report, he shared a recap of "At the Bar" in Niagara County and the challenges he experienced this year. He cites that the Salmon showed up earlier in the season due to a number of factors, including a warmer winter, less ice on Lake Erie and an earlier Spring. Then, with 10 days of flat water, along with the number of tournaments & derbies held and the pressure of a lot of fishing boats within a 10 mile x 1 mile stretch, the fish "diminished their desire to bite". More importantly he shares his expertise on what lures have been successful for him and his crew.

You can view the entire video on the Reel Excitement Charters Facebook page or by clicking on the image above. Thanks, Capt. Bob!

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