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This week's fishing report is courtesy of Captain John Oravec from Tight Lines Charters:

Pictured (R-L) is Brian, Dean and Mike from North Tonawanda, NY with a fine king they caught aboard Troutman 2 in 120' of water just northeast of the Oak! Herring Twinkie Fly rigs fooled some big 'uns!

Here is a terrific morning catch of Oak Orchard River-bound king salmon from 21-26# from 110 ft of Lake Ontario ledge water. We used wire dipseys with herring strip fly rigs. Recent frontal winds and rain have several salmon spots set up.

First, take advantage of mature king, coho salmon and brown trout's urge to seek the river waters around the piers at the Point Breeze pier, channel, and bay casting with brightly colored spoons is the ticket, especially predawn and at sunset.

Next be prepared to troll j-plugs around the 3 piers in 5-20 feet of water. I have stayed busy trolling 60-105 ft near bottom with cut bait fly rigs especially on magnum wire divers. Oak Orchard Tackle and Narby's is stocked for Fall salmon lures and gear. After fishing at the Point both the Black North Inn and the new Gilligan’s Galley (Ernst) are serving up terrific meals either sit down or to go! More upcoming windy systems produce stirred inshore water which releases river scent so expect more incoming big fish! See ya out there!

Capt John "Troutman" Oravec fish on!

From Capt. Mike Grager from Get Hooked Sportfishing: Today we had a young army veteran out for his first time fishing salmon on Lake Ontario!! Today the salmon did not disappoint us! We fished 90-120 feet of water, just slightly east and west of port. Most of our bites today came 70-90 down, with a mix of spoons and flies. Moonshine Carbon 14 was our best today on a 70 rigger, and green Bam!! with an atomik crinkle green fly took our biggest king of the day. Today was probably my last charter of the year, and if so it was great to end on a high note for the season!!

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