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The near shore action off the Point Breeze Oak Orchard waters that most anglers had been targeting earlier this trolling season has spread out.  And just lately some cooler water has moved in-shore and is somewhat holding there for now.  Forecast is for light onshore winds possibly through the mid week with gradual warming through the holiday weekend.  Longer range forecast is calling for much warmer temps for the end of the upcoming weekend and next week.  That may well be some of the more typical hot, humid weather we had so far missed out on.  With the cooler near shore water moving around some on different days most guys are finding more stable conditions past 250 fow, yet mature Kings are being found anywhere from 40 fow out to 550 fow.
Once Oak Orchard fish start to tighten up some around the home waters to stage it should be a good run up the tribs.  Some spoon tossers off the piers are already making some attempts at the first hook up of the season.  The water is definitely cool enough for fish to be there if they wanted to be.   And there are unconfirmed reports of a few fish, maybe Kings or browns or Atlantics at the Waterport dam.
One experienced rec angler aboard the fishy small craft FI recently fished the 25.5 - 26.5 line and saw tons of bait and fish but currents made for a crazy troll.  A mag spoon on a 65 ft rigger took a good King salmon and other bites came off a 180 diver and flasher/fly.  Another angler went out to the 31 line and started trolling back and got hook ups the entire way until they picked up in 150 fow.  Reports place a good number of fish even out to the 31 - 34 line.  Some of those may be on an eastward haul but if even some of those fish contribute to the staging action to come it bodes well for good action through September.
Andy M. found his 13 lb LOC Derby steelhead in 500 fow.  It came off a mag moonshine frog 90 ft down on a rigger.  His crew had more action too but he's not ready to give up all his secrets just yet!  
Derby Fever time! The big money LOC Fall Derby is underway and the Niagara County Fish Odyssey. All it takes is a ticket and a dream and you could be a happy angler with bragging rights! Be sure everyone aboard has a ticket for the LOC Derby. Instances of would-be derby placing fish from anglers who didn't purchase a derby ticket are frequent. Don't be that guy or gal!
Good fishing continues, somewhat spread out now and with a little dodging of weather required here and there! Many trollers are staying on good catches by heading off-shore to the 30+ line and finding Kings and some nice steelhead too. There was some stiff prevailing winds for some part of the past weekend that kept the fleet off the water, but as soon as conditions turned for the better toward the end of the weekend guys got back out there and into the fish.  There's been lite NE or N breezes yesterday and forecast today, perhaps not enough to flip any cold, cold water in-shore, but enough to keep fish committed to the near shore ledge waters - there. And mature Kings should be sliding in and setting up to stage, getting ready to run the Oak Orchard River as late summer progresses. Boaters with the patience to hang in there even with warmer water temps are still pulling good fish. Check out the trophy brown pic below boated from Troutman2 and a couple nice Kings. Darker matures and fresher silver fish are all in the mix.
Capt. John Oravec reports "a 32 inch 17# brown, part of a boat limit was caught off Point Breeze on the O's glow goby spoon. Brown trout are feeding and hitting along the bottom structure in 50 - 90 fow east of the rivermouth. Downrigger tactics with stealth long lines like copper and leadcore and small spoons are best." (Pictured below: Norm with his 17# "hawg".)
Off shore, its a mixed bag of tactics with trollers running their confidence spread with spoons or meat or flasher/flies. 
Point Breeze is still getting its fair share of rain and thunderstorms. Many storms have hugged the shoreline and there's been some winds and lots of precipitation at times. What was light N winds yesterday on Monday are forecasted a bit stiffer out of the NE today with the chance of storms again later. Rest of the week forecast is clearer but the wraparound prevailing winds may be stiffer midweek. We will have to wait and see if today's NE winds are sustained enough to change the temp profile out there.
Charters and rec anglers have spread out some lately. The <100 - 150 fow action is not as consistent as it was earlier this season. Trollers are now venturing out and offshore to the 28 line and beyond. The temp profile out there looks better to most guys and the rigger action has been about 45 - 75 feet down. Some rec anglers are sticking with their spoon program and the charters are mixing in dipsey and wire lines. Even if you choose to run out and find more stable water conditions, it doesn't mean some guys aren't quietly still near shore in the warmer water and picking off mature salmon and big browns like the beauty from Troutman2 pictured below. Fishing near shore on the ledge may be a little more challenging but the rewards can be those big mature Kings or browns especially this time of the year.
Captain Bob S. from Sunrise II Sportfishing says "off shore fishing has gotten spotty but still great catching. It is mid August after all. Fish in 80 - 110 fow near the bottom with meat and flies."  
For the tributary minded angler that action is not that far off. Of course a lot can depend on the weather and water flows over the next 1 - 2 months. For planning purposes the Archer's Club has announced parking will be open from Oct 14 until Nov 12 for a $10 parking donation. No food or fly fishing tournament is planned at this time. 
Some days of not so great weather has put a break in what's been a real good stretch of consistent trolling action.  Through the past weekend the NE winds kicked up a bit and kept most guys off the water early Saturday and then later on Sunday. Neither days blow though was enough to spoil the whole day or bring all the cold water near shore. Whatever cold water did move in will probably be chased by forecasted stiff W and NW winds around mid week. We'll take those favorable NW winds to hopefully keep Oak Orchard fish as homebodies! For this later week and with steadier weather conditions look for that good King action most have enjoyed in <300 fow to kick back up. About now and in August ahead we'll start looking for those big mature fish to be staging closer and not deeper, with not a lot that will keep them from that shallow water spawning mission - even non preferred temps.
Spoons continue to work well for most trollers, and it's a preferred method when the conditions are right for Captain Rich Hajecki of Crazy Yankee Sportfishing. He found good success at the 30 line in the 500 - 600 fow range. He likes a magnum spoon on a cheater while the downrigger clip pulls a standard spoon. Check out his latest YouTube for the "Mup" rig explained.
Captain Bob Songin of Reel Excitement Sportfishing says "the 150 - 300 fow mid-water range is still good and there's good concentrations of salmon east and west of Point Breeze. Fifty - 90 ft down on the riggers and divers set at 140 - 200 have produced. A 400 cooper has also been a go to. Put down the program you have confidence in, in the right zone and you should have action."
The LOC Summer Derby has closed out. Check out the results here. Get ready for the big money action for the Fall LOC Derby and the last of the traditional trolling action into September. Then the tributary season kicks off after that. So lots of great trout and salmon chances ahead for charters, rec trollers and land lubber casters & drifters after that! 
The Fall Derby starts August 18th.
The Kings are getting bigger! Some good fish are being caught most everyday here in the Orleans County waters off Point Breeze. Good action continues and there seems to be more mature fish now in the mix. Trollers are still working inshore waters and marking good concentrations of bait so as long as temps hold those hungry Kings are lurking nearby! More charters and recs are heading farther offshore too like to the 28 line and there's stable action there most days. A few more steelhead are also in the mix, although still not big numbers. Could be most guys are content enough with all the King action. Back inshore there's the brown trout action too and Atlantics for good measure! High 20's and 30 pound Kings now could mean some real heavyweights by end of August or beginning September for staging sharks!
More good weather days then not means guys have been getting out there. Some rains and winds this past beginning of weekend but everyone got out right after that and got right back into the fish. A good amount of water from precipitation lately has passed through the tribs and into the Lake for a nice water condition reset. All that Oak Orchard scent going into the Lake will hopefully keep "our" fish a - lurking and homing in for Fall staging runs.
Capt. John Oravec of Tight Lines Charters says "fishing is centering around 2 King salmon hotspots off the Orleans County coast of Lake Ontario. Large areas of baitfish east of the pierheads are in 50 - 150 fow attracting Kings, brown trout and frequent Atlantic salmon. The preferred temp has been yo-yoing between 40 - 80 ft down. Many charter and rec boats are finding scattered Kings, cohos, steelhead trolling north/south in 180 - 350 fow. Spoons and flasher/fly rigs are hitting good fish like a 17 lb brown, 32 in whopper Atlantic and 41 in mature King. This week's less stormy weather and the high flows from recent rains bode well for attracting mature Kings to the traditional staging areas. Fish On!" 

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