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Wow!  There is some pretty good trolling action in the Orleans County waters at the Oak.  By most all accounts both Rec anglers and Charters are into good numbers of fish and real nice quality Kings.  Check out Scott and Paige's big King which is good enough for 17th place right now in the summer LOC.  The weather has been mostly cooperative and finally the number of anglers out on the water is reflective of the quality fishing.  Even with a few more anglers out like over the previous holiday weekend there seems to be lots of hookups all around.  With strong numbers of willing biters and seemingly lots of bait to hold the fish in mid depth waters the fishing may be as good as it can get!  Summer warm weather is forecast ahead with always the chance for passing storms.  Remnant precipitation from the hurricane Beryl is expected to hit mid week with the chance for significant precipitation.  Monitor local and marine forecasts for safe operation. 

Cpt. Lou Borelli says "fishing continues to be real good, fish are being caught anywhere from 80 - 300 fow.  A good mix of Kings and steelhead are around.  Spoons, meat, flies are all getting it done.  Run your go-to lures and most likely you're gonna get bit."
Cpt. John Oravec has been limiting out on nice Kings and the occasional hefty Coho or steelhead.  He too is excited to see all the trollers finally out after previous lackluster fishing pressure.  "The fish seem to be going for flasher/fly rigs especially on the wire dipsey. A deep rigger has been real good.  A stud fly behind a chartreuse and green nuclear 8 inch paddle has been my best."
Another local veteran rec angler says "it's a 90% spoon bite for me.  Normally it's more a flasher/fly or meat bite this time of year but the spoons keep producing.  There's a ton of bait, big pods suspended and in 50 - 70 fow the bottom is loaded.  Brown trout in that zone should be getting fat.  I've been having some of my best action out of preferred temp and in the warmer water." 

Trolling action out of the Oak right through the past beginning part of the weekend was real good.  Most all boaters were catching Kings and steelhead and lakers.  The fish look good, especially the Kings which are plump.  Stomach contents are showing they are feeding on big alewives.  A few browns are starting to show up in the creel too.  All this good action has mostly been in mid depth waters.  Maybe the far offshore action is good too, but I don't know anybody running out there when boxing out has been pretty much the norm in 90 to 200 fow or less!  Different tactics have produced hook ups but the predominant method has been the old steady spoon program on riggers.

Alas though, conditions they may be a changing! Stiff WNW winds that looked and felt more like September or October swept in yesterday and today.  It does seem to be laying down now and the forecast is light and variable for the mid week.  Next chance of precipitation is also mid week after about 0.50 - 0.75 inch of rain we received a few days ago.  Look for chance of all that favorable cool water that was hanging near shore to be blown out with hotter water replacing it.  If so, all the bait and temp that the salmon and trout were keyed in on may be moving farther offshore.  So there's your next fishing challenge, find the good down temps and bait and you should find the fish!  We've had a few fair blows prior that didn't seem to change things all that much, but this last bit of wind may have been enough to flip the script.
Showing the versatility that the Oak and Orleans County waters provide, the NYKBF (New York Kayak Bass Fishing) club has been out and about and visible on the lower Oak Orchard River flat water areas doing a bit of pre-fishing for their upcoming tourney.  Check out and their social pages.  The Glenwood to the Lake tourney will take place July 13 with the awards ceremony at the Black North Inn at 3:30PM.  Come check out all the neat tricked out kayaks and learn more about this style of angling.  The method could translate well to tributary and near shore trout and salmon fishing.

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