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Species Fall Winter Spring Summer
Salmon Trib/Lake Lake Lake
Brown Trout Trib Trib Lake Lake
Steelhead Trib/Lake Trib Trib/Lake Lake
Bass Trib/Lake Trib/Lake Trib/Lake
Pike Trib Trib Trib/Lake Trib/Lake

Small and Largemouth Bass are also abundant, aggressive and eager to bend your rod. They can be found in Lake Ontario, its tributaries like the Oak Orchard River and in numerous inland waterways. The upper Oak Orchard River between Medina and Waterport is an especially prolific Smallmouth fishery. A combination bass fishing/canoe trip is a delightful way to spend a hot, midsummer day.

Autumn in Orleans County, when the hardwood leaves are ablaze with vibrant reds and oranges and the apples are ready to be picked is when the mighty Chinook is drawn from the depths of the lake by the spawning instinct. It surges up the tributaries to spawn in remarkable numbers. Rumor has it that spawning salmon aren’t feeding and will not take a lure or a fly, but rumor is proven wrong as these monstrous salmonids instinctively strike out at any presentation that threatens or disturbs their hallowed reproductive process. Along with the Chinook come the giant Brown Trout that have made the Oak Orchard area of Orleans County a “must visit” destination for trout fishermen from across the nation.

As the Brown and Salmon runs taper off towards the end of November, the sleek and feisty Steelhead begin their runs up the tributaries, continuing until the first of May, rounding out an entire year of fantastic, world class trout, salmon and pan fishing.

Download DEC Public Fishing Rights Maps (PDF): Oak Orchard River & Marsh CreekSandy CreekJohnson Creek

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