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Oak Orchard Lighthouse Museum


Learn about local maritime history at the Oak Orchard Lighthouse Museum. The only lighthouse in Orleans County, the original Oak Orchard Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1871 on a wooden pier ~1,600 ft from the mouth of the Oak Orchard River. In December 1916, it was swept away by a violent storm. A grassroots effort has enabled construction of a replica of the Oak Orchard Lighthouse on firmer ground in Point Breeze on the east side of the river.

Climb the lighthouse keeper's ladder to the top for amazing views of Lake Ontario and the Oak Orchard River and get an up close look at the Marine LED Lantern with a 250 mm Fresnel 360° lens. The light is regulated as a Private Aid to Navigation with a 2 Nautical Mile limit, and permitted to operate from April 1 to November 1 by U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Coast Guard.

Includes a gift shop with nautical themed items to benefit the museum. 

Hours of Operation

Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday afternoons in the Summer or by appointment

Oak Orchard Lighthouse Museum

14357 Ontario St., Kent, NY 14477

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Oak Orchard Lighthouse Museum
14357 Ontario St.
Kent, NY 14477

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The Oak Orchard Lighthouse in Point Breeze

The Oak Orchard Lighthouse in Point Breeze is the center of our maritime history. The original Oak Orchard Harbor Light House stood on the west side of the Oak Orchard River, along with the keeper’s house between 1871 and 1916. The keepers house, now a private residence, remains intact on Archbald…

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