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Sandstone Architecture


Medina sandstone, formed by nature 400 million years ago, has been the “cornerstone” of the culture of Medina, New York which gave it its name. Discovered around the time of the digging of the Erie Canal in the 1820’s and accepted as a superlative building material, it was quarried for over a century in Orleans County and shipped world-wide for architectural masterpieces. Find it in Buckingham Palace, Brooklyn Bridge, the NY State Capitol steps, thousands of homes, earlier in cobblestone streets. It has strength and integrity, plus unmatched beauty in many shades. 

The Medina Sandstone Society created the Sandstone Hall of Fame in 2013 to recognize outstanding examples of Medina Sandstone. They represent churches, homes, public buildings and other architectural significant structures. The criteria by which these nominees have been judged is based on their age, their longevity – still in use, their beauty and/or their architectural uniqueness. Visit the Sandstone Hall of Fame at Medina City Hall, 600 Main St., Medina or click here to view Sandstone Hall of Fame inductee ceremonies.

Significant Sandstone Structures of Orleans County

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Sandstone Architecture

600 Main St.,
Medina Sandstone Hall of Fame, Medina, NY 14103

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Sandstone Architecture
600 Main St.
Medina Sandstone Hall of Fame
Medina, NY 14103

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